Teaching Styles for Non-Traditional Students

Lesson of the Week Recap

3 NEW Next Generation Activities now available!

Lesson of the Week Recap

Ditch Your Textbook: Using SoftChalk to Incorporate OERs Into Your Course

Lesson of the Week Recap

NEW Next Generation Labeling Activity!

ANOTHER NEW Next Generation Interactive has arrived!

Lesson of the Week Recap

Innovators in Online Learning: Taking Safety Training for Students and Faculty Online

An Activity Story: Active Learning in the Digital Age

Lesson of the Week Recap

NEW Next Generation Interactives have arrived!

Lesson of the Week Recap

Moving from Face-to-Face to the Online Classroom—Creating Accessible and Engaging Learning Activities for All Learners

Tech Tips for Teaching with SoftChalk Cloud: Tip 13 - Add Content to your Sidebars

Innovators in Online Learning: Introducing CareerSMARTZ–Career Guidance that Produces Problem-solvers Capable of Higher Levels of Personal and Career Success

Tech Tips for Teaching with SoftChalk Cloud: Tip 12 - Modernize your lessons! Explore the new layouts!

Innovators in Online Learning: A "Public Engagement" Approach to Public Health

Tech Tips for Teaching with SoftChalk Cloud: Tip 11 - The New SoftChalk Support Portal

Innovators in Online Learning: Student First-Year Experience Program

Lesson of the Week Recap

New in SoftChalk Create 11―THEMEBUILDER

Developing Agentic Learners

Learn the Secrets for Creating Exceptional, Interactive (and Accessible) Online Lessons

Infusing Motivational Strategies

Infusing Metacognition in Teaching & Learning


Establishing Your Online Course Design and Teaching Processes

Innovators in Online Learning: Creating and Implementing Alternatives to Traditional Textbooks

A Pedagogic Framework for Developing Self-Directed Learning

Lesson of the Week Recap

Framing Self-Directed Learning

Doing it Backwards: Making Over Your F2F Content

Lesson of the Week Recap

Creating a Virtual Debriefing for Third Year Medical Students

Instructional Design for Online Learning (Step Five)

So, You Want to Teach Online: Where Do You Start?

Transforming to Blended Learning Models Format to Optimize Learning

Instructional Design for Online Learning (Step Four)

Instructional Design for Online Learning (Step Three)

Developing an Orientation for First-Time Online Students

Lesson of the Week Recap

Instructional Design for Online Learning (Step Two)

Instructional Design for Online Learning (Step One)

Lesson of the Week Recap

OERs: Benefiting Students Educationally and Financially - Part 2

The 5 Minute University Project

OERs: Benefiting Students Educationally and Financially - Part 1

Lesson of the Week Recap

Six Models of Blended Learning: Part 2

Six Models of Blended Learning: Part 1

Dynamic Education and Digital Tools: The Content and Critical Thinking

Lesson of the Week Recap

The Station Rotation Model of Blended Learning

Dynamic Education and Digital Tools

Implementing Blended Learning

Designing for Blended Learning (Is it Right for You?)

What Is Blended Learning & Why It Matters

Benefits of the Flipped Classroom Model of Blended Learning

SoftChalk Create 11 is HERE!

Blended Learning Models for Higher-Ed and K-12

Murphy’s Law, Emerging Technologies & Online Education: R.E.A.D.Y. In Practice

Murphy’s Law, Emerging Technologies & Online Education

Lesson of the Week Recap

Tech Tips for Teaching with SoftChalk Cloud: Tip 10 - Create a Poll or Rating for students to provide feedback

Evidence-Based Creative Teaching: Developing Expertise

Lesson of the Week Recap

Tech Tips for Teaching with SoftChalk Cloud: Tip 9 - Insert files from your SoftChalk Cloud account

Evidence-Based Creative Teaching: Framing Blended Learning

Evidence-Based Creative Teaching: Framing Creative Teaching Competence

Tech Tips for Teaching with SoftChalk Cloud: Tip 8 - Wrap text or add space around images in your lessons

Lesson of the Week Recap

Evidence-Based Creative Teaching: Key Components

Evidence-Based Creative Teaching: Making Sense of Teaching

Innovators in Online Learning: Staying "Connected" - Online Content for Offline Use

Tech Tips for Teaching with SoftChalk Cloud: Tip 7 - Add your lessons into your LMS

Lesson of the Week Recap

Innovators in Online Learning: Building an Online Professional Development Course

Tech Tips for Teaching with SoftChalk Cloud: Tip 6 - Restore deleted items in your Cloud account

Innovators in Online Learning: Gain National Recognition through Quality Matters Certification

Tech Tips for Teaching with SoftChalk Cloud: Tip 5 - Resume a lesson

Lesson of the Week Recap

Tech Tips for Teaching with SoftChalk Cloud: Tip 4 - Video Recommendations

Innovators in Online Learning: Develop and Run Instructional Design Workshops for Faculty

Tech Tips for Teaching with SoftChalk Cloud: Tip 3 - Optimize Image Size

Lesson of the Week Recap

Tech Tips for Teaching with SoftChalk Cloud: Tip 2 - Create Folders

Innovators in Online Learning: Growing a Successful Virtual School Program

Feedback and Formative Assessments Fuel Student Achievement

Innovators in Online Learning: Online and Blended Learning Curriculum Development

Tech Tips for Teaching with SoftChalk Cloud: Tip 1 - Import Text Lists

Redesign your Course Materials for Online Delivery

Feel empowered - create and customize your learning materials

Lesson of the Week Recap

Lesson of the Week Recap

Top Five eLearning Trends in 2017 (3 minute read)

SoftChalk Create releases a new update...

SoftChalk... Not just for the teachers!

4 Must-Haves to bring a digital curriculum to your school district

Innovators In Online Learning Summer Course

Look out world... Create 10 is here!

Kennesaw State faculty save students $899,860 from student debt load!

Ten Reasons to Incorporate Technology in Your Classroom.

Check it out! Create Online 'Quick Editor' is here.

Interact. Engage. Create for K-12 Learners.

Tips and Tricks: For Students!

NEW and Improved!

Phase Two: Complex Files Upload

Saying Goodbye to NPAPI

SoftChalk acting funny?

Create Local Launch

Phase One: My Files Upload

Better Brain, Better Learning: Feeding the Brain

It’s game time -- Why Gamification in eLearning can be Effective

The Flipped Classroom: Strategies and Tips - Register for two online micro-courses to improve student learning

Professional Development Improves Student Learning at HCT

Virtual Clinical Experiences Help Prepare Future Nurses

SoftChalk becomes an early adopter of a new Student Privacy Pledge

SoftChalk Pilot takes off at 2 Penn State campuses

K12 Leaders Select SoftChalk Cloud as a “Reader’s Choice Top 100 Product”

Users nominate SoftChalk Cloud as a Top 100 Product in educational technology

If at first you don’t have the best solution, then try another one

Chalkies Make Waves at the first ever SoftChalk User’s Conference

SoftChalk Cloud honored with 2nd place win in the 2014 IMS Global Connected Learning App Challenge

Follow the Leader?

Storytelling for Learning: Digital Case Studies

Using Technology To Improve Student Learning: The Flipped Classroom - A free, 3-week, online micro-course for educators

Anywhere, Anytime Learning

A Report on EDUPUB2: A Workshop on Digital Publishing for Education

Choosing the Tool That Fits the Topic: Faculty Training Considerations

Three Chalkies featured in 2013 Center for Digital Education Yearbook

Breaking Free from LMS Dependence without Sacrificing Content

When Traditional Schools Just Aren’t Enough – Finding Success Online

The 21st Century Classroom

Need More Help with SoftChalk?

4 Ways You Can Put a Little ‘Gangnam Style’ into E-Learning

Using MOOCs to Build Peer Groups

Teaching Science Totally Online: Hands-On Lab's LabPaqs and SoftChalk's Cloud - Perfect Together

Using SoftChalk for Active Learning: Engaging Students Through Popular Media

Team for Success: Teachers, Students, and Counselors Working Together

How important are certificates to you?

How likely is it being a parent helps you to become a self-reliant student? - Guest Post By Stephen Holland

4 Pieces of Advice for Schools Just Getting Started with Online Learning...

Reaching Students in Rural Areas

Are MOOCs Effective?

5 Questions with a Chalkie

Organizing Your Online Course - Guest Post by Stephen Holland

Top 5 Tips for Teaching Well Online

Online Students and On Campus Clubs - Guest Post by Stephen Holland

Top 6 Online Tools to Help Online Learning Students Feel Connected - Guest Post from Lisa Dubuc

Becoming Digital Ambassadors - Guest Post from Dr. James May

How is State Authorization Serving Our Students? Guest Post from Trish Ritschel-Trifilo

Requiring All Students to Connect with Tutors - Guest Post by Stephen Holland

Special Education Teacher Training: Distance Vs. in the Classroom - Guest Post by Diane Painter

August eNews - A Few Good Reasons to get Excited About the New School Year

Allowing Online Students an Early Start – Guest Post from Stephen Holland

From Face-to-Face to the Cloud - Guest Post from Dr. James Brown

Flipping Your Classroom with SoftChalk

Using Tech to Smooth the Transition to Common Core

How a Training Website, built with SoftChalk, Helps Hurricane Victims

Taking to the Cloud to Make OER Available

Best Practices in Online Learning

Sue Evans (CEO) Introduces SoftChalk Cloud

Towards a Library in the Cloud

Online vs. Face-to-Face Library Instruction - What Works?

Teaching Science Totally Online at Ocean County College

Behind the Scenes with Jacqui Cain, an OER Content Developer

Gems of Learning: Richer, Next Gen Content Engages Students

Teaching Well Online at Niagara County Community College

March 2012 eNews - March Madness with SoftChalk

Publishing Interactive Articles - An Interview with Shalin Hai-Jew

Open Education Resources: What’s in it for me?

February 2012 eNews - Celebrate with SoftChalk

SoftChalk Wins Brandon Hall Group Technology Excellence Award

SoftChalk Professional Development Workshop in Washington State

January 2012 eNews

Spring Conferences 2012

Rethinking Online Education at Odessa College - An Interview with Corey Davis, Executive Director of OC Global

December 2011 eNews

SoftChalk Leads with First IMS Global Common Cartridge v1.2 Conforming Application

SoftChalk Integrates ReadSpeaker’s Industry-Leading Online Text-to-Speech Technology In Its Educational Software

Blendedschools.net is Empowering Schools to Teach and Learn Online with Open Educational Resources

November 2011 eNews

Just Announced - 2012 Lesson Challenge

Freshly Tweeted - A Snapshot of the #OERseries

Educause 2011 Recap and New Support for Curriculum Standards

SoftChalk™ and SchoolOne Announce Strategic Reseller Agreement

What the Heck is a Chalkie?

October 2011 eNews

Going Virtual in Georgia – An Interview with Jay Heap

SoftChalk Announces Strategic Sales and Integration Relationship with UK-Based Solutions Provider Intrallect

The OER Webinar Series Continues and the COT Small Grant Program

September 2011 eNews

Fall Conferences

SoftChalk and the IMS Quarterly Conference - Notes From Jeff Kahn

Top Five M-Learning Best Practices for SoftChalk Mobile Users

August 2011 eNews

Go Mobile and Beyond - Discover the Powerful New Duo of SoftChalk 7 & CONNECT Plus

SoftChalk™ Goes Mobile with the Release of SoftChalk 7 and CONNECT Plus

Three Central Virginia Companies Selected to Participate in Virginia’s VALET Program

Cutting Textbook Costs with OER

SoftChalk and the Annual Blackboard Conference - Notes From Jeff Kahn

Open Educational Resources Webinar Series – The who, what, when, where, why and how of OER

July 2011 eNews

Students Rate SoftChalk Lessons as Highly Effective in Promoting Online Learning

New! Student Guide to SoftChalk Lessons and 1.0.7 Blackboard Building Block

Creating Digital Books based on the Universal Design for Learning Guidelines

FREE Passes to the ISTE 2011 Exhibit Hall

June 2011 eNews

SoftChalk Story: Dr. Lynne Ornes Increases Student Interaction

Put Your Courses Online for Free with CourseSites by Blackboard

May 2011 eNews

SoftChalk Wins Gold Brandon Hall Learning Technology Award for the ‘Best Advance in Technology for Rapid Authoring’

Gearing up for Summer Conferences

IMS Global Article-Technology Standards Offer Opportunities for Stronger Partnerships Between Vendors

SoftChalk Named CODiE Award Finalist for Third Consecutive Year

Gyrus Systems Enhances LMS Solution with New Content Authoring Partner SoftChalk

April 2011 eNews

Three ‘Chalkies’ Receive Awards for Their Outstanding Work

SoftChalk Announces 2011 Lesson Challenge Winners

SoftChalk Partners with CourseSites, a Free Online Course System

League for Innovations Recap & Y I Love SoftChalk

March 2011 eNews

Develop Media Rich Lessons with SoftChalk and INTELECOM

Migrating from PowerPoint webinar Archive featuring Paige Brooks-Jeffiers and Deborah Kell

Where You'll Find Us: Spring 2011 Conferences

From the Support Center: ScoreCenter is Here

February 2011 eNews

Student Score Tracking Made Easier, More Flexible and Reliable

Everything Comes Together!

January 2011 eNews

December 2010 eNews

SoftChalk to Offer Reliable Scoring by Integrating with LMS Grade Books Through IMS LTI and Basic Outcomes

SoftChalk Update Offers Increased Compatibility with MERLOT

The California State University System and SoftChalk Announce Strategic Integration Partnership

SoftChalk Awarded Best in Category for Content Authoring in 2010 IMS Learning Satisfaction and Trends Survey (LearnSAT)

SoftChalk Wins Big - 2010 CODiE Award Winner in Two Education Categories

SoftChalk Promotes Collaboration with Release of Version 6 and CONNECT

SoftChalk Wins CODiE Award in Two Education Categories


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