Lesson of the Week Recap

January 15, 2018 in K12, Higher Education

Catch a recap of all the amazing lessons YOU, our users are creating!

Each week we select a stand out, top notch, lesson from SoftChalk Share and feature it across our social media platforms. SoftChalk Share is an Open Education Resource (OER), learning object repository with thousands of free learning materials created by educators just like the ones listed below.

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Jessica Valdez
Georgia College & State University
This lesson provides regulations and suggestions on how to deliver culturally competent care and why it is not only crucial for delivering higher quality of care but essential in providing the safest possible care for these diverse populations.
Troy Staudt
Gilbert Schools
This lesson serves as the instructions for a project where students design the concept for an app about human body systems.
Jason Dockter
Lincoln Land Community College
This lesson teaches students the basic elements of writing, how to organize their writing so that it focuses on one clear idea and how to create their own writing process.
3d2f7a2f2cdaa5ae595756cbb865f9309489c785_medium.jpg The New Deal: Government Intervention
Kyle Berg
Indianola Schools
In this Lesson students learn about some of the responses FDR took to battling the Great Depression and are asked to determine which system they believe would work the best if we faced another depression in modern times.


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