NEW Next Generation Interactives have arrived!

June 25, 2019 in Product News


NEW Next Generation Interactives have arrived!

You may have heard some heard some chatter about our SoftChalk interactives getting a facelift..well, the time has arrived!  In this initial update release, you’ll find new versions of Flash Card, Hot Spot, Image Map (formally Hot Spot Explore), and Slideshow.

We have completely rebuilt the architecture and redesigned the styling of these 4 interactives. We had a few objectives when recreating these:

  • Update the styling of the interactives
  • Improve accessibility by making them key-board and JAWS accessible
  • Incorporate responsive design to look and work well on any size screen
  • Add new features and functionality

These new interactives are all about enabling you to create beautiful, responsive and accessible interactions for your learners.  Get inspiration from these examples of the new interactives:

Information about the new updated interactives can be found in the SoftChalk Create Guide, starting on page 161.

We hope you enjoy these new interactives!  Look for updates to more SoftChalk interactives in the coming months!  

We've also released an update to the Timeline activity and the Labeling activity!

In another update, we've released a new version of the DragNDrop and Identify activities. PLUS, we have a brand new activityImage Matching.

Don't see the option to upgrade? This FAQ may help! If you need additional assistance, please contact our Support Team at


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