Taking to the Cloud to Make OER Available

July 13, 2012

From Sue Evans, Co-Founder and CEO

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Behind the Scenes with Jacqui Cain, an OER Content Developer

April 03, 2012

Jacqui Cain, an instructor at College of the Redwoods, has worked on many OER projects. She has developed content as part of the the Open Course Library Project and created an open textbook/reader under the Kaleidoscope Grant. She is also currently designing an “Indigenous Peoples Reader” that uses folk stories and myths from the original peoples from around the world. We hosted an interview with Jacqui to find out more about her projects, what benefits come out of using OER and what it takes to develop them.

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Open Education Resources: What’s in it for me?

March 05, 2012

From Sue Evans, Co-Founder and CEO

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Blendedschools.net is Empowering Schools to Teach and Learn Online with Open Educational Resources

November 08, 2011

Our next Innovators in Online Learning webinar will feature blendedschools.net (BSN) and their adoption of the first independent, branded CONNECT repository, BSN Cloud. The webinar will show how this implementation supports BSN's initiative to increase accessibility to high quality learning objects and promote blended learning.

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Freshly Tweeted - A Snapshot of the #OERseries

November 01, 2011

We wrapped up the OER webinar series yesterday with an informative panel presentation on funding OER by Paul Stacey, Director of BCcampus, Cable Green, Director of Global Learning at Creative Commons and James Glapa-Grossklag, Dean of Educational Technology, Learning Resources and Distance Learning at College of the Canyons.

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The OER Webinar Series Continues and the COT Small Grant Program

September 20, 2011

If you're interested in creating, sharing, finding or funding high quality open educational resources, you won't want to miss the last two webinars of the OER Series.

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Cutting Textbook Costs with OER

July 21, 2011

With the rising cost of education, particularly textbooks, many educators are turning to technology to reduce costs. Whether it’s the use of e-books, iPads or open educational resources, the idea that technology is playing a major role in revolutionizing content availability is one that no one can deny.

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Open Educational Resources Webinar Series – The who, what, when, where, why and how of OER

July 08, 2011

Join us for our new webinar series where experts will demystify the world of open educational resources (OER). These informative online sessions will explain the different facets of OER including WHAT OER is, WHY it's important, HOW to find the resources and WHERE you can start!

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