Top 5 Tips for Teaching Well Online

October 09, 2012

Please help us in welcoming back Lisa Dubuc of Niagara County Community College (SUNY) for another guest post! Lisa is one of the presenters from our wildly popular Face-to-Face, Blended and Online Teaching and Learning Innovator Series. The series might be over but the recorded sessions are available on our website and there are still plenty of issues to explore through blog posts. Take it away Lisa.

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Teaching Well Online at Niagara County Community College

March 21, 2012

Supporting an eLearning program is no small feat! Typically an institution needs a whole team of faculty working to ensure that the eLearning program is successful. To figure out how it's done, we interviewed the presenter of our upcoming Innovator session, Lisa Dubuc, the Coordinator of Electronic Learning at Niagara County Community College. In this interview she will share information about the eLearning program at NCCC and their "recipe" for Teaching Well Online.

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