Online Students and On Campus Clubs - Guest Post by Stephen Holland

October 02, 2012

We're welcoming back Stephen Holland for another guest post today! Dr. Holland is one of our presenters from the Face-to-Face, Blended and Online Teaching and Learning webinar series, which will be ending with a bang on Friday, October 5. This session will discuss hard data and ask if there is evidence that teaching online produces better learning outcomes. You can find the registration link for the final webinar and recordings of the previous sessions on the Innovators in Online Learning section of our website.

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Top 6 Online Tools to Help Online Learning Students Feel Connected - Guest Post from Lisa Dubuc

September 25, 2012

Lisa Dubuc of Niagara County Community College (SUNY) will be presenting this Friday, September 28th, on whether different disciplines are more effectively taught f2f, blended or online as part of our five week Innovator and Online Learning series. (Click here to register for her session.) Lisa writes for Beyond the Bricks, NCCC’s e-learning blog, so we're thrilled to have her guest posting here on SoftChalk Talk today.

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Becoming Digital Ambassadors - Guest Post from Dr. James May

September 18, 2012

Join us in welcoming this week's guest poster, Dr. James S. May, discipline chair and professor of English as a Second Language at Valencia College. Dr. May is one of the presenters in our five week Innovator in Online Learning Series on Face-to-Face, Blended and Online Teaching and Learning. He presented last week on the institutional concerns of blended and online learning and will be presenting again on Friday, September 28, this time with a focus on what works best for different disciplines. Don't miss the upcoming sessions - register now! Without further ado, here's Dr. May.

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How is State Authorization Serving Our Students? Guest Post from Trish Ritschel-Trifilo

September 11, 2012

The Face2Face, Blended and Online Learning webinar series is officially underway. We kicked things off last Friday with the first session (now available on our archive page) and we have another great session lined up this week. Dr. Trish Ritshcel-Trifilo, Distance Learning Specialist at Wayland Baptist University, will be one of the presenters, and she has a thought provoking guest post to share with us today. After reading the blog post, don't forget to register for the second webinar on Friday, September 14 – Online Teaching F2F, Blended & Online – Week Two: Institutional Concerns.

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Requiring All Students to Connect with Tutors - Guest Post by Stephen Holland

September 04, 2012

Our first guest poster, Stephen Holland, is back with another great guest post to get you thinking about how tutors can be helpful when teaching in a classroom or blended learning environment. Dr. Holland will be presenting in the first webinar of our Face-to-Face, Blended and Online Teaching and Learning webinar series, which will begin this Friday, September 7. If you would like to hear more from Dr. Holland and our other guest posters, be sure to register for the upcoming series.

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Special Education Teacher Training: Distance Vs. in the Classroom - Guest Post by Diane Painter

August 21, 2012

We hope you enjoyed our last guest post on the early start program for online students. This week Diane Painter, Associate Professor of Education- Special Education at Shenandoah University, is sharing whether distance or face-to-face education works best for special education teacher training.  All the guest posts in this series focus on Face-to-Face, Blended and Online Teaching and Learning, in support of the fall Innovator webinar series we are hosting, which starts on Friday, September 7. If you would like to hear more from any of our guest posters, be sure to register for the upcoming series. Here's Diane.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of special education teachers is expected to grow by 17 percent from 2010 to 2020, in line with the average rate for all occupations. Growth is expected because of increasing enrollment, continued demand for special education services and retirement of currently licensed special education teachers. Source:

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Allowing Online Students an Early Start – Guest Post from Stephen Holland

August 14, 2012

This is the first in a series of guest posts on Face2Face, Blended and Online Teaching and Learning. These guest posts coincide with a fall webinar series we are hosting on the same subject. Our visiting bloggers are educators who are leading the way in eLearning with a little help from SoftChalk. If you would like to hear more from these SoftChalk rockstars, register for the upcoming Innovator webinar series. Without further ado, here’s Steve!

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Flipping Your Classroom with SoftChalk

August 08, 2012

This month our Innovators session is covering a hot topic in the education space -  the flipped classroom. The presenters are from California State University, Northridge (CSUN) and include Jodi Brown, Ph. D.; Wendy Ashley, Psy.D./LCSW; and Li Wang, Ph. D. Brown and Ashley are both faculty members in the Department of Social Work at CSUN and Wang is an instructional designer for the Faculty Technology Center. These educators have adopted the flipped classroom model and plan to implement it in their courses for the 2012-2013 school year. Learn more about the process of developing a flipped classroom with SoftChalk by reading the interview below and signing up for the Innovators in Online Learning Session, which will take place August 13th at 4:00PM EDT.

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Using Tech to Smooth the Transition to Common Core

July 26, 2012

From Jeff Kahn

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How a Training Website, built with SoftChalk, Helps Hurricane Victims

July 18, 2012

Cindy Smith, Director of Instructional Design at the University of Texas at Tyler, is one of the presenters for next week's Innovators session. Smith will be presenting with Instructional Designer, Jana Brown, and Web Technician, Gina Parkins, about the Medical Needs Shelter Training that UT-Tyler created with SoftChalk. Read her interview below and sign up for the Innovators session to learn more about this unique project.

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